EGYDA offers a range of truck/bridge scale solutions that help monitor and control the movement of raw and manufactured materials through the most powerful and latest American and European weighing systems that come to EGYDA ELECTRONIC SCALES, which is characterized by high efficiency, and therefore we have put for you the strongest guarantee for all our products for truck scales

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>Truck Scale Information<

A Truck Scales / Weighbridges, is essentially a large platform scale that is used to weigh an entire vehicle, for the purposes of reading the weight of the vehicle before it is filled with material, or after it is emptied. Often a truck scale is a legal-for-trade approved scale used to issue tickets that will be used for commercial (invoicing) purposes. Commercial truck scales must be calibrated by a certified company, using verified and traceable measuring equipment. Therefore truck scale load cells usually need to be approved according to an organisation such as OIML or NTEP.
For permanent or semi-permanent Truck Scales / Weighbridges the weight readings are usually recorded with equipment located in a nearby hut or office. Most weighbridges are now linked to a PC that runs truck scale software – this controls barriers, traffic lights, RFID card readers, enables the printing of tickets and provides reporting features

>Truck Scale Types<

There are various different types of Truck Scales / Weighbridges around the world, with each region tending to favour a particular type. The most common 3 types have from 4-16 load cells and of maximum length 18 or 36 metres, as follows:
  • Traditional Fabricated Steel; high or low profile design
  • Pre Stressed, Pre Cast Concrete; low profile design; modular
  • Poured on Site Concrete; single span or modular steel frame with concrete infill


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